PPE Equipment

PPE, or personal protective equipment, is designed to protect workers from potential hazards and prevent injuries in the workplace. We offer a full range of personal protective equipment that has been designed to meet industry standards.

The types of personal protective equipment we offer includes: Safety Helmets, Ear defenders, Gloves, Protective eyewear, Respiratory protective equipment, PPE for working at heights.

Keeping the workforce safe is important for any company and PPE is designed to offer protection and reduce the risk of injury in the workplace. The range of PPE we have includes everything from clothing and helmets to eye protection and safety equipment for working at heights.

Minimising risks in the workplace and ensuring the safety of employees and visitors with the right PPE is an important part of day to day business. We have everything you need including items for specialised industries and environments.

In noisy environments it is a safety requirement to protect yourself and your employees from potential hearing damage. We offer a full range of ear protection rated to the highest industry standards.

Our range of personal protective clothing includes protection from heat, noise, chemicals and electrical hazards. Whatever your industry or PPE needs, Westbury Industrial supplies can provide you with the right product quickly. We can provide PPE from the best brands in the business with clothing and products made of the best quality materials.

Ordering PPE from us is quick and easy with 24 hour ordering through our website. You can contact our office from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday. We can provide quick delivery to your office or work site in the UK. Next day delivery is available to UK Mainland delivery addresses.

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