Safety Footwear

Safety footwear is essential in many industries, such as building sites and factories. Protection, comfort and durability are important when choosing safety footwear. Safety footwear options from Westbury Industrial Supplies include: Rigger boots, Safety trainers, Safety boots, Wellington boots, Non-metallic safety footwear.

The style of safety footwear can be dependent on personal choice and the site requirements of the workplace. We have a number of different styles to suit your needs with everything from trainers to wellington boots.

The footwear is designed to offer comfort throughout the working day while offering the best protection possible. Safety footwear goes through extensive testing to meet safety requirements and industry standards.

Safety footwear can include steel toe cap protection and anti-slip soles to suit the working environment. The toe protection built into many models of safety footwear will protect the foot from falling objects. The footwear can also protect the foot from underneath by preventing sharp objects going through the boot or shoe.

A metal toe cap protection may not be suitable for some working environments or industries. If your daily work takes you through security points and metal detectors, we have non-metallic safety footwear. This will provide the protection you need without causing issues when passing through site security.

There are many styles of safety boots and shoes available. We can provide safety footwear that is heat resistant, oil resistant and with anti-static properties.

Here you will find a large selection of footwear in different styles and brands. Our range has all the safety footwear options you could need at a price that is competitive. You can place your order at any time of day through our website. We offer fast, reliable delivery within the UK to your office or work site.

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