Buggy Whips

Buggy whip options from Westbury Industrial Supplies include:

LED buggy whips | Swivel mounts for buggy whips | Reflective flag buggy whips.

Buggy whips are used on a variety of vehicles to make them stand out in the working environment. These safety devices make smaller vehicles more visible to drivers of machinery in mines, worksites and other areas.


The many vehicles that are present on a construction site or mine can be vastly different in size. Keeping everyone protected and visible while on site is an essential part of any work safety plan. Smaller vehicles, such as flat bed trucks and cars, are not always easy to see for drivers of bigger site machinery.

The buggy whip is designed to add another layer of protection to drivers of smaller vehicles on site. These highly visible flags can be added to the side of a car or van to make them easier to see by other site personnel.

The flag is attached to a long fibreglass shaft that is durable and tough so it can withstand weather and the natural movement of the vehicle being driven across the work site. The flag can be easily detached when the vehicle is off site or attached again when needed.


The LED uses very little power and will not affect the vehicle performance. These buggy whips are made of durable materials for long lasting use. The flags are made from nylon so that dirt doesn’t stick to them, keeping them clean and highly visible. When working at night the LED on the buggy whip will alert other site drivers of the vehicle presence.

Buggy Whip Range

Here you will find the selection of buggy whips we stock. Our range has all the important safety features you would expect from high-quality buggy whips. You can place your order at any time of day through our website. We offer fast delivery within the UK to your office or work site.

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